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As part of our Video Contest, the previously unreleased song “In The Pockets” is now available for free download on our website. The mp3 will be available for 24 hours, so hurry up if you want to create your own video for the song and get the chance to win a TTMOE-related prize!


Join our competition for a chance to win some special TTMOE treats: in celebration of the re-release of the first self titled EP on vinyl, we are hosting a video contest for “In the Pockets” where the idea is that you, the fans, will create your own videos for the song. Read more »

Photo by Vince Kmeron.

Forum thread: 1. I Won’t Be Found 2. The Gardener 3. Pistol Dreams 4. Troubles Will Be Gone 5. Where Do My Bluebird Fly 6. You’re Going Back & By Your Side 7. Love Is All 8. Tangle In This Trampled Wheat 9. The Dreamer (with band) 10. King Of Spain (with band) 11. There’s No Leaving Now (with band) 12. A Lion’s Heart 13. Thrown Right At Me (with Amanda) 14. The Drying Of The Lawns 15. Like The Wheel (piano version)


The first self titled EP will be re-released on vinyl on June 21, 2011. It will be distributed by Dead Oceans/SCD, and features the previously unreleased song “Into The Pockets”. Read the full news for details and tracklist.