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Kristian Matsson and Amanda Bergman have put aside their stage names (The Tallest Man on Earth and Idiot Wind) to write the score for new Swedish movie “En Gang Om Aret” (English title “Once A Year”). The movie is about a man and a woman that have been meeting in different hotel rooms, once a year, for the past thirty years, and now have to struggle with the new direction their lives have taken.
The movie premiere is set for January 29 at the Goteborg International Film Festival (see dates below).

Kristian and Amanda started working on the soundtrack in 2010, and the result is seven compositions, mostly songs and one or two instrumental tracks. “In 2009 we were looking for unsigned singer-songwriters with special personality”, director Gorki Glaser-Muller tells us, “and I had spent entire days listening to lots of artists, mostly Swedish, mostly women. Then I got introduced to Amanda’s music by one of the producers of the movie, Erika Malmgren, who had seen her live in a small venue in Gothenburg. I loved the music right away and started listening over and over. Her stage name at the time was Hajen and she only had a few hundred plays on MySpace, but was already growing in popularity among music lovers and critics. We contacted her and she gave us some new material, and not long after that, we asked her to write the score for the movie. She was the one who invited Kristian”. When asked about his favourite song, Glaser-Muller replies he has several favourite songs, “but Amanda’s Scapegoat is definitely a favourite, then a song titled There Will Be More and Kristian’s When You Harvest“.

On a personal note, Glaser-Muller tells us he’s not always been a folk kind of guy. “You see, I’m from Chile and was born after the Chilean 9/11. The short story is the government of the US supported a coup d’état and a fascist dictatureship followed. So, this kind of music sounded very “yankie” to me, bringing a negative feeling. Of course you could say I had a prejudice against the music genre, but I think it was those political events that marked me culturally in a very bad way. Then I grew up, moved to Sweden and got a wider taste for music, but it was Amanda and Kristian’s kind of music that truly opened up my ears.

Gorki Glaser-Muller, director of "Once a year"

I think it was tough for them at first, having to write songs that could get along with the images and fit the movie perfectly, but they really got into it. My heart gets warm when I think about this wonderful experience and what it meant to me to work with a music like this. I love Kristian and Amanda’s energy, and their sincerity towards themselves and the movie”.

Is there any plans to release the soundtrack in the future? “Well, at first the movie was important as a whole, and the music had to be part of it, it wasn’t supposed to have an importance of its own. But since the songs are really good, they do have an importance and are entitled to an existence. So yes, we talked about distributing the music somehow, along with the songs that are not included in the film. We’re still thinking about it, discussing and dreaming. As for the movie, we are planning a world wide theater distribution, but we’ll start with festivals”.
The first appointment is at the Goteborg International Film Festival (GIFF):
- Sunday, January 29 – 15.00
- Tuesday, January 31 – 19.30
- Friday, February 3 – 10.00
More info and tickets here.

This is the teaser trailer for the movie, with Kristian’s previously unheard song “Some Will Spare You”. Another teaser is available here, with Amanda’s song “Scapegoat”.

Once A Year is also on Facebook.
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