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Dark Bird is Home begins in a way that feels very familiar to fans of The Tallest Man On Earth; an acoustic guitar and Kristian Matsson’s identifiably wistful tenor, pastoral landscapes and lyrics about overcoming hardships in life and love. He uses his voice to draw us into this narrative, which sounds like one side of a conversation, reassuring a troubled partner that “this is not the end,” even as they part ways. You almost forget about the orchestrated sound of “Sagres,” which opened our ears to the the more fleshed out sound of Dark Bird is Home, until the  [ Read More ]

tallest man on earth sagres cover

Kristian shared today on Soundcloud and Instagram his new single “Sagres” off the new album Dark Bird Is Home due out on May 12. “Sagres is a little town or village all the way down in Portugal where the world’s end was thought to be way back”, says Kristian. Listen to the song here and have a look at the tour schedule


Here’s a teaser trailer for The Tallest Man On Earth’s new album “Dark Bird Is Home”, with Kristian briefly introducing it, and a deeper look on the sounds of the album. Dark Bird Is Home will be out on Dead Oceans on May 12, 2015.